Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Earnest Devotion

" Practice becomes firmly grounded when cultivated for a long time with earnest Devotion."

This has been my mantra for the past ten years. This is what it looks like in Sanskrit:

प्रक्टिस बेकोमेस फिर्म्ल्य ग्रौंदेद व्हें कल्तिवातेद फ़ॉर अ लॉन्ग टिम विथ ग्रेट देवोशन

I think this will be my next tattoo. A belly dancer I admire uses this as her mantra. I could say much the same. In the last few weeks, I have dipped myself back into the magickal stream that I left 10 years ago. Although I've enjoyed myself immensely, I found that I was missing my practice. My daily devotions to Legba and the Lwa. My singing lessons with James. And my time with the sosyete. I took a great gulp of inspiration from the work I attended, but I will place it within the framework I am devoted to -- Vodou.

 I will be writing much more as we go forward from here. See you round the houmfort!

Mambo Vye Zo

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