Monday, July 22, 2013

Haitian Artwork for Sale on eBay

Wanted to let (ok, ask, push, cajole, demand or whine - take your pick) folks know to head over to my eBay page and see the artwork I have up for sale. There's only so many walls to hang stuff on, and these have been languishing behind my couch for , oh I don't know - a couple years maybe? If that sounds terrible, then consider this -

If they weren't behind my couch, they'd be rotting happily in the summer sunshine and heat of Haiti. These are from Jacmel, an area with a ton of artists and no place to display the artwork. When I purchased them in 2008, they weren't just dirty - they were filthy. They had been displayed in an open air market. The canvases were so dry, they were brittle. The paint was coated with a lovely layer of dust and some pieces actually felt gritty.

Of course, this did not sway the seller one iota to lower the price for me. Her come back was that I'd be taking home a little bit of Jacmel -- and she wasn't kidding either.

I had a professional clean the art, and we mounted them just so they'd be safe and vertical. But I've been staring at them for five years now, and it's time for them to find new homes.

So if you'dlike to purchase any of them, they can be found at this link:

And just to tease ya all, here's a couple shots of the lot: Enjoy! 1/2 of the price goes to the artists back in Jacmel, so it's a really worthy cause. And to help ease your wallet (or mind, which ever), the other 1/2 is tax deductible. So you are still making it work, regardless.
Danbala by Harry Cabe

Countryside Rara by Harry Cabe

Ezili Dantor and Danbala by Harry Cabe

Freda and Danbala by harry Cabe

Ceremony by Harry Cabe

Rara by Harry Cabe

Haitian Hillside by Parizot Domond

Graveyard by Roi David Annisey

Tambor by Roi David Annisey

Drummer by Roi David Annisey

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