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Enochian Rituals and Spirits that Haunt Us

Sorry for the quiet - I was practicing for a recital I participated in this weekend. The Maestro of the sosyete was engaging a bunch of friends to play music and sing with him. How could I refuse? We had a great time, but I had to put on my "A" game -- this was the real deal for me personally. There's a big difference between singing in my basement and then going on a stage in front of people. James said I did good, so that's all that counts for me -- but I think I did sound good. I am determined to keep up the "shedding" as James calls it.

I have been reading Crowley's The Vision and the Voice this past couple days. I had had a conversation with a friend in NOLA last month, regarding angels, the Nephilium and work of conjuring spirits. She highly recommended both Dr. Dee's transcripts, as well as Crowley's piece.  I am finding them to be very interesting as well. One of the reasons people are told to stay away 
from Enochian, is that it is very Apocalyptic in tone and wording.  Supposedly, if you do the invocations correctly, you could bring about the Apocalypse. I am not so sure I agree with that conclusion. The wording is archaic and definitely Elizabethan in nature. The two magicians who both scryed and conversed with the angels were very devote men of a Christian nature. So, it's no wonder to me that the verses are heavily tinged with Christian iconography and tone.  Likewise the Crowley material. It heavily features his version of the Book of the Law, including the Crowned Horus and other assorted characters from the Equinox.

Why am I reading this? Well, there is a faint Nephilium connection, but that is really only of interest to me. No, what I wanted to share with you is the timeless fascination we humans have for the spirit world, and the lengths we go to, to have interaction with it. That, and since we just passed the anniversary of 9/11, the human race's continuing fascination for the Apocalypse itself.

Spirits among Us
If any American City could be considered Apocalyptic, it's got to be New Orleans.  Apocalypse means "to uncover" and that's exactly what New Orleans does, on a daily basis.  With two devastating fires to it's record, and continual fighting over it's borders, New Orleans is truly the best example of being "uncovered". Founded in 1600s by the Spanish, sold to the French and eventually taken by the British and turned into American, this town is a true Babylon on the water. Along with the many make-overs, there came many dead and where there are dead, there are spirits - on just about every corner. The continual digging uncovers new history, new buildings, new graves. I think you could say New Orleans is always uncovering something. And that doesn't just mean uncovering archaeological stuff.  How about 'uncovering' corruption in the police department in the 70s?  'Uncovering' corruption in the mayor's office in the 80s?  'Uncovering' the potential of the CBD, the gambling industry, the casinos, the lake front - the list is endless. So, if we agree that apocalypse means to uncover, then NOLA wins by a landslide!

The Apocalypse doesn't end there either. Along with uncovering, comes the sister word, revelation - meaning revealing. Hmmm....well, let's look at the popular medium of TV for example. A cursory glance at the local offerings show that this revealing of spirits has moved into contemporary society. This fall's TV run features Sleepy Hallow "revealing" the four horse men of the apocalypse; Gotham "revealing" the underbelly of the city; and many other shows revealing secrets, new characters and dire plot twists. I am surprised there is no show called Revealing -- but that might not be revealing enough I suppose. We are also in the month of October, with Fet Ghede just around the corner. As the hauntings, Halloween parties and horror films arrive, Samhain approaches: the veil thins out and we're bound to have even more spiritual dalliances throughout the fall. More uncovering, more revealing - of what, I am not sure, but I am more than open to the event when it happens.

Enochian for Beginners - and We're all Beginners
Enochian is not child's play -  as in, let's call up Zoz today and see what he/she/It's been doing lately! The powers that rule beyond the borders of our world are not to be toyed with lightly. If the manuscripts are to be believed (and I don't see why not) they offer a glimpse into another space and time that is vast and endless. They offer proof of life beyond this mortal coil, and to that end, they have worth alone. Evidence of the great beyond. But more importantly, Enochian scholars all agree that the calls invoke a major power to create change on a global scale.  The word Apocalypse is a Greek word meaning to uncover. Again, it has grown to have many meanings - end of times, destruction, down with the old order of the world and up with a new, more invigorating one. But I don't think it means total destruction, as in thermonuclear war.

Perhaps, it's like the end of the movie War Games. The computer, Joshua, playing games with the lead character, demonstrates what total annihilation looks like, but it's a simulation, not genuine. Perhaps, this is a warning. "Here's what could happen if you all don't start behaving like rational adults."

Or, it's real, but in another way. The oungan has an interesting theory. If all we know about Egypt can only be traced back 5,000 years, then what happened before then?  Why is there no evidence of anything - language, rituals, nothing? Could they have had their own apocalypse and moved on? Not in a bad way, but transcended, as we keep seeing in so many books and movies today. Is this a trace memory from then? A past life memory, perhaps? Maybe they "uncover" a great truth, they had a revelation, something "revealed" to them, and they took the bait and left this world, for another level of existence.

Language is the Key to It All
I can't say for sure, but the reason I am rambling here is that language carries it's own nuances - you must be willing and able to look at things from many view points, to find the kernel truth in a story. I believe that truths or "revelations" come about when we need them to. I am not so sure that this one is the destructive, annihilating version we've all been primed to think of. Perhaps, the great Ones feel the time has come to re-think our approaches to life and each other. They are making available the method for doing so. There are 49 calls or Keys to Enochian, but only 48 exist in this world. Dr. Dee never got the Prime Key, as it is known. The going argument is that when the right person performs all the calls, the 49th will be given to them for their efforts. This person is sometimes referred to as the AntiChrist. I don't believe that. After all, the mere title  ANTI-Christ equates this with a Christian view point. I think the whole thing is way bigger than just this one view point, however documented it may be. (**and may I just remind folks how many permutations the Bible has been through, and how easily transposed, left out and mixed up the story can become over all that time?)

No, let me put forth here my own theory - that the Apocalypse is not the end of the world, just the end of our perceptions right now. There are many folks working Enochian magic today. The Golden Dawn utilized it on a regular basis. The general consensus among the knowledgeable is that their inner teachings were derived from the inner planes, and guess what they used to dial up the Masters of the Universe? Yes, Enochian. Some also say that Crowley was the Anti-Christ. Wishful thinking on his part, I'm sure. Others believe that by performing the Calls as he did in 1909, Crowley opened the gate to the other side and permitted some of the great beasts to come into this world, bringing about the World Wars (remember our four horsemen - War, Pestilence, Famine and Death). Well, maybe. But there were many great wars before those two, and lots of Famine, Death and Pestilence to be found, so I don't agree with that theory, either. Just good press for Uncle Al, that's all.

No, I don't think we've done the "Great Apocalypse" just yet. I think we still need a lot of work and a lot of will power before the great Angels of the Aires come down and change things for the better. The Tibetan Monks say that the only gate Spirit has into this world is through us - that the angels need us to do their work in this world. If that's so, then the apocalypse is within ourselves. The Revelation will be realizing our own Divine Natures, and the great changes that are predicted will happen to us 
on a personal level, not global. Well, global, in that we will all change dramatically. 

Perhaps, this is the chance to focus and make the world change in accordance to our will. Love under Will. Climate change, global economies and monetary confusion all point to a unified vision of the future. And like any change, this one is fraught with stress, anger and the desire to just get it done. Perhaps, this is the way all change is perceived. I can't be the only person who wakes up, reads the news and thinks the world is ending. But then, I see the children of my godkids and feel if they felt secure enough to bring a new life into the world, surely they saw the potential good that the world still has to offer. And I give thanks for that little piece of peace.

My prayers right now are for Oliver, Lily, Zack, Stephen, Zahara, Zahir, Xavier, Khalaya, Ali, Devon, DJ and soon to be Cyrus. If they are the future of our world, then it is bright indeed. Love you all my sweethearts. And so do your spirits.

Your Loving GodMambo

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