Friday, November 14, 2014

Four Circles, Class Two launches in January

Honor Tout Moun!
Well now that I've gotten past Fet Ghede, I can finally fix my vision on the Four Circles program. Up to now, we've only had one online class. That would be the Four Circles - Year One, Class One: Zanset-yo!  It's been very well received and continues to have a robust presence online. Mesi anpil to all who have taken it and to those who have registered for January 2015.

But now, I am in the throws of getting Year One, Class Two ready. This class focuses on service to the Lwa. It won't be as broad at the first class, but more in depth on the specific topic making a service to your spirits correctly by following Reglemen.

I am taking all the students on the journey of discovery with this class, and I hope it brings as much joy to you all as it has to me just by writing it up. Please stay tuned for updates as I go forward with my writing and research. I hope to provide you all with a couple of ah-ha! moments and some new nuggets of thought on serving Vodou style!

The Four Circles - Year One Class Two: Sevis Lwa will be ready to launch in Mid-January. And for those who missed the current semester of FC Year One, Class One Zanset-yo!, that class is currently open for registration. You can go here for registration:

I look forward to meeting you all under the tonnel one of these days!

Kenbe La!

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