Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April is Ogoun Shango

April brings windy days, and a Lwa that is very fitting for this month. Ogou Shango was a king of Nago land who’s personal myth was that he did not die, but ascended to Ginen.  My mambo honored Shango as King Solomon, a wise leader who made difficult choices with ease.  Shango is referenced in songs as balizaj, a stormy, turbulent lwa who sweeps away everything in his path. 

Sou sonti ou pa gason pa mache la nuit-o e, Shango.

A ane-a envoye mo su mwen,

Chak ane mwen voye bay-yo, bay-yo,

Balizaj-o, nou la a, Hounsi-o nou la ge.

Mwen pa ti moun-o, ki retire a moun-o,

Sa m pral fe ave-o?

 Lead us Shango, Lead us!
They say your son does not walk at night!
Balezaj O, we are here!
Every year they send the dead at me,
Every year, I send them back!
I am not a child who lives with other people,
What shall I do?

 It’s a fitting title for Shango, the spirit associated with storms and wind.  The power of this lwa is remove barriers, blow down walls that keep you from reaching your goals and blow you toward whatever you are reaching to acquire. Such is the power of Ogoun Shango! That energy is prevalent for this month of April.  Difficult decisions and situations should clarify this month.  You will find yourself making clear eyed choices, even difficult ones with ease.

However, be ware - the shadow for April is LaSiren.  Although you will find making choices easily, beware of illusions masquerading as choices this month. Lasiren is the shadow of April and is the first card that is in detriment to the power of the ruling force (meaning she is reversed - where she would normally make your dreams come true, she's more likely to be a nightmare.)

LaSiren is an illusory Lwa. She is a siren after all, and a dreamy, loose spirit. She swims in the oceans, but is subject to tides and waves, pushing her here and there.  Now she chooses east, but then goes south; she loves pearls, no shells, no those rocks …wait what about over there…A creature as mutable as Siren cannot make a solid choice unless she is contained. Shango as a focused power will be under the illusion of things, so be aware of making hard core choices this month. Better to wait till next month for that big purchase or big move.

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