Sunday, October 4, 2015

October is LaSiren

October has arrived with wind, cold temps and tons of rain. What better way to welcome the Siren of the pantheon than with enough water to float a flottila of boats?

LaSiren flowed into this month, on a Mercury retrograde no less, and is already busy sinking ships, diverting our attention with her wily ploys and inundating the world with enough water to make us all remember the movie Waterworld, and shiver with the recognition that it could be very real indeed. But what Siren really brings in this month is high emotional moments, ancestral reverence and deep dreaming of truths and feelings. Let's examine these traits one at a time.

LaSiren is the watery part of ourselves that dreams of better things and often is disappointed. This feeling of devastation and overwhelming emotion is shared with her sisters Freda and Klermizine, two other spirits who all hail from the Aziri River Basin in West Africa.  While Freda is given to dramatic displays of pouting and tears, and little sister Klermizine  loves to play the coquette, Siren is the actively dangerous energy of the trio.  Those who consider her a dainty and dreamy girl will be shocked to learn she will kill as easily as kiss those who come to call her forth from the water.

LaSiren is a sorceress who rules the waters of the world with impunity. With long, eerie blasts on her horn, Siren can call forth legions of dead to do her dirty work. The countless Africans who died in the Middle Passage; the seafarers of sunken ships; sailors and mariners who died at sea - these are her subjects, journeymen and lovers. They answer to the call of her golden horn, and do whatever is demanded of them by their watery mistress. Beautiful, dreamy and dangerous, Siren rules the oceans of the world and everything (and everyone) contained within them. This gives her a particular place in Ancestral worship. It is LaSiren's job to help navigate the dead across the waters to Ginen. Although we'd expect the Gede to have their hands in this, it is the duty of Siren to guide all those souls in the water back home again. Remember this come Fet Ghede, Samhain or how ever you choose to remember your dead throughout the year. Be sure to set a glass of water with sea elements on your altar: Siren is leading the way back.

LaSiren is also the ruler of high emotions. Water is the symbol of emotion, and Siren's very image -- a human top over an animal bottom -- is the embodiment of mind over matter.  Although she is often thought of as overly feminine and sweet, she is nothing of the kind.  Sharp, focused, vicious when threatened and dangerous when challenged, Siren gives us the ability to contain our emotions and act according to the situation. It is the physical temptation of her beauty that belies the focused energy she contains. She can become angry and yet, will lash out with a clarity that is breath taking. Many years ago, I asked Siren to help me with a problem. Not only did she help, but she took out the individual responsible for the trouble and laid waste to the entire enterprise. I am very careful when asking for things from her - she is devastating to a fault.

In this month, she can lend that particular focus to your projects. Lay out a space for her in your home. Place salted water -- very important for this Lwa -- and sea objects (shells, pearls, coral) on this space, so she feels welcomed. She doesn't take anything of the dry world as an offering (despite the lists proliferating on the Internet.) But she does like champagne and perfume, as well as horns and mirrors. I keep a brass Christmas horn on the altar for her, and lots of perfume. Ask LaSiren to help you focus on your current work; to help you have clarity on a challenge; to lend you energy to complete something difficult. It will happen and quickly, too.

LaSiren also rules dreams and the manner in which dreams are interpreted. It is easy to visualized a a ship listlessly idling on a dead calm sea, and the crew staring off into space.  The sounds of the water lapping against the ship, the heat of the sun and the monotony of the day brings on a lugubrious feeling that gives rise to all kinds of thoughts. It is Siren pouring her energy over those crews, engaging with their souls and feeding back their own thoughts, their emotions. Ever been on a monotonous trip, inside your own head? It can be dangerous as well as tedious.  But for those who can fend off the feelings of gloom, Siren can bring clarity of vision to thoughts. It is often in the most mundane places that inspiration and genius take place. Got a problem you can't figure out? Make an offering to Siren and then -- go rake the leaves. Fold clothes. Iron. Dull and tedious monotony will bring clarity and focus.  Water is also a good conduit for meditation. If you have quiet access to a pool , go float for a while. Head to the ocean and mediate on the waves.  Or, fill your bath tub with warm water, a handful of salt and take a long soak. (A shower doesn't work - the action of the shower head is too invigorating.) Still, steady water is the trick to working this ritual of revelation.

Light blue or white candles this month to LaSiren and sit still for an hour. She will speak loudly to you, if you give her the opportunity.

The Shadow for this month is the Hanged Man - suspended between places, neither bound nor free. I used the image of a possession to visualize the energy of the card. I also find it interesting that this card shadows Siren.  Most of the time, Siren stays focused, but when there is doubt or distraction, she can waffle with the best of them. Be aware that you will have the tendency to be distracted from your purpose this month. Don't look for excuses to put things off. Do what you need to do and then move on to the next project. Otherwise, your personal ship will stall and you won't get anywhere this month!


Finn said...

It's not like I like this post. I don't. It disturbs me. I do like your voice. These are interesting times. I prefer boring.

Finn said...

So.... Last nite I moved the image of La,Siren into my living room. Later I had a dream: A woman sneaking into my apartment thru an open window. I held her, thinking I'd hold her and grab my phone in the next room to call the police. After considering this for a long moment I released my grip, saying " You are cute like a daughter". More women came through the windows, gay & straight. Some picked up instruments and began playing. The house fills with music. Me, my own, I'm at ease. I'm told they're witches. I say I am one too. The space
changes... I am concerned.


Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo said...

A very Siren dream I must say. The music and multiple ladies singing, dancing and filling the house with music are all hallmarks of a Siren dream. Siren isn't meant to be comfortable - that's one of the traits that marks her as different. I often find that people unfamiliar with who the Lwa truly are, have created an idea of them that is comfortable. However, the Lwa are anything but comfortable ideas. They embody all the energy, both positive and negative that BonDye imbued them with. I teach my students that the Lwa are morally neutral entities. Neither fully good nor fully negative. They simply are - and how we approach them says much about ourselves, them and their place in our lives. Mesi anpil for taking a moment to share your dream and thoughts.

Finn said...

Thank you for your response. My own morals are complicated. I do have a steadfast political bent, and in some of the other ways I bend. I suppose my bent is towards freedom of expression. . Full creativity for all beings everywhere is my wish. There's a loss in control in that. You want folks to have the "do no harm" thing. I don't always do. It's a complicated thing to live a human life. .....You are very smart to have caught the dancing in my dream. I didn't spell it out. Much love, Tim

Finn said...

For myself it can be excruciating boring & frustrating to hear about another's dreams or spiritual talk. I dream last night.... One detail.... I fly up and a woman flys with me. "You float with me" I say. "Yes" she says. It is astounding to me. No one I can remember has ever flown with me in all my 5 decades, as much as I can remember. It wasn't La Sirenl. Someone close though. The dream changed into a circle, like how I used to attend with my friends. But the aspect is without overt ritual or drums, just in a sidewalk cafe. Like how I bend now..... . Thanks for the space. I won't continue in this way . It's too personal and specific.

Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo said...

You can always email me privately if you wish. Mesi anpil for the stop by!