Monday, May 2, 2016

May is Mange Mo:

I totally missed April’s reading, and I apologize to you, dear readers. If you follow any of my Facebook profiles, I am dealing with a very painful back disc issue and can’t sit comfortably for more than an hour at a time.  I am awaiting treatment and so in the meantime, I surf the Net, make notes and –sleep.  But today is a better day than before, and so I am trying to get back on track again.  Let’s see what Legba pulled for May this year.

Although the astrologers have us in the throes of both a Mercury and Mars retrograde (oh goodie…), this month’s path to stability lies with the ancestors.  Mange Mo is an annual feeding event in Haiti.  Food is expensive and so a big feast is generally held off for a year. Then, at the appropriate time, all the ancestral dead of the family (mother’s lines, father’s lines, spiritual posse and so forth) are fed in a grand fet.  All the favorites are gathered: foods, drink, smokes (cigarettes), even pictures of clothing, cars and any other item that the dead loved. These are set up on the offering tableau and a ritual ceremony is given with lusty singing, drumming and dancing.  Once the spirits are set and happy, then everyone in attendance also partakes of the meal and drink. It’s a big deal for the family and for the local neighbors as well.

Mercury may be retro and Mars is sulking but – Venus is sitting in Taurus right now, her beloved home.  She is what’s known as exalted, meaning she offers her brooding lover Mars heaping helpings of love and attention so he won’t spoil the party.  And I have written oodles about Mercury Retrograde (you can read it here), so don’t fret about my beloved Patron making trouble.
Take a moment this month to offer your ancestors a plate of their favorites. It doesn’t need to be high drama – a bite of your dinner and a cup of joe works just fine.  Put it on their favorite color – either a napkin or a plate.  Put their picture there, or just write out their name as a place card. If you have an ancestor govi, use that as the focus of the table. Make it as  grand as you wish, but do it this month. The energy of the ancestors is available right now, through the largesse of Legba opening the gate. Use it wisely to help this month run smoother for yourself.

And like all fets, there is a Lwa who is the pwen or power point of that working.  The pwen for this month is the beautiful Freda (the Venus of Vodou), and she is certain to pay attention if you offer her a cup of coffee with sugar and cream to help smooth over any rough patches.  Just don’t forget to pour out a shot of white rum or gin for Mars (Ogoun), so he won’t become maudlin and rage unnecessarily.


Lora-Amoret McKnight said...

Honor Mambo!

You wrote:

"If you have an ancestor govi, use that as the focus of the table."

What is a govi?



Unknown said...

A govi is a large container used to call the ancestors or a particular lwa. Most Mambos and Houngans have them for ancestor work or work with the lwa. --Mambo Mwen Marche