Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Vibrational Crossroad of Vodou

The Crossroad is a place that has held the imagination of folks in myth and legend.  Said to be the meeting place where blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for guitar playing prowess, the crossroad is a mystical mystery for the ages. All intersections hold great power, either for the fact that they contain a little bit of the pulse of those who cross through, over and under them, or because they have their origin in concepts like ley lines and the occult concept of the axis mundi.  Either way, we humans find crossroads unique, powerful and stimulating. Ask anyone who has crossed over a bridge (are there trolls beneath here?), gone under a mountain pass (dwarves!) or taken an evening stroll through an old cemetery (ghosts, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night). In all these locations, there is a tangible energy, a presence we can sense. We humans tend to be sensitive to the Other, that indefinable energy that seems to collect in crossroads, intersections and liminal gates. And as such, if we feel them there, then can they feel us? And if so, how do we make a connection to the Other?

Sevis Lwa: The Vibrational Crossroad is a tool book for the dedicated practitioner of occulted communications.  Each chapter leads the reader toward that remarkable moment of Contact with the Other. I wrote it for Vodou practitioners, but any spiritual practice could work with these techniques for contacting the Spirits.

Each chapter opens with a short story of my time with my own teacher, Papa Edgar Jean Louis, flag maker and ritualist extraordinaire, of Belair, Haiti. An amazingly talented man, Papa Edgar was generous with his knowledge and accepting of anyone who served the spirits. In the short three years I knew him, he gave me much to learn and think about. The stories of being in service with Edgar help set the meaning of each chapter so you can see how my experience informed and led to the work I share with the reader.

I've also given instruction on creating a sacred space, literally a crossroad where you can communicate with the Spirits. To this end, I've written the book to include recipes for baths, spiritually charged fires, ancestor rituals and techniques to properly prepare your space and serve your spirits. The Vibrational Crossroad is a magical technique that works -- every time.

Here's a peak at the cover. It's being edited this month, but I am hoping to be able to release it next month for your reading pleasure. I think you will find the techniques and tools contained within its pages a valuable addition to your magical practices. Ayibobo!

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