Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October is Legba's card

October: Rada Legba, the cool Rada spirit of Crossroads, gates, openings and closings. This Legba is the Trickster with a twist -- he closes the doors you are not meant to enter and opens the ones you should. Its a fine point, but one that bears remembering. So many people call or write to me, to complain that they aren't getting whatever they need (or think they need). My answer is not always satisfying, but it's succinct -- the door opens only when you are meant to go through. You can't jog it open with anything, if Legba says NO. Its his job to open the way. Yes, he can choose to do so or not, but in most cases, he is benign enough to try and help by not opening. Of course,if you keep pounding on a door that leads to hell, well, he just might open it and say "Ok smarty-pants, go for it." It's both his amusement and his pleasure to watch us try and kill ourselves over a useless task. But he will first offer the correction, before giving us enough rope to hang ourselves.

- I could write a book on Legba, but let me say this here: Legba opens the door between the spiritual and physical worlds. In the month of October, with Fet Gede barely on the threshold between this month and next, you will find the Ancestors very close by. Legba is walking close by this month, opening pathways and places, giving the Ancestors Egress. Like a tidal wqve, the Dead approach to have their zenith at Fet Gede. Begin now to supplicate your beloved Dead, or they will over run you later on. Offer white foods and black coffee. Light candles in the evening, both for their soft light and for their glow.

Make a four part offering this month and next. Gather incense, candles, a bowl for water and a libation such as coffee. The upward motion of incense smoke, the outward rays of candlelight, the stationary placement of the bowl of water and the downward pour of libation are the crossroads through which spirit arises. Up, out, down and centered make the invisible crossroad a reality ion your altar. A place where Legba can manifest. Stand at your altar and give these four elements weekly. Daily if you can, but remember the first law of offerings -- regularly done is better than haphazardly offered. Every day is technically Legba's day, so so pick the day you can do this and just do it. Speak truthfully this month - Legba is also the Lwa of speech, and he clearly hears you as well as allows your words to be heard. But Legba can also make the listener hear something other than what you meant to say! So think first, before opening your mouth and finding your foot in it!

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