Friday, October 12, 2012

Wealth in hand, body and spirit

We've been talking a lot about wealth lately both at home and in the sosyete. Seems everyone needs to have money -- and not necessarily for fun things. More like wealth for paying bills, paying the doctor, paying the mortgage...when did wealth become equated with money instead of well being?

I went to a workshop last weekend on money sorcery. The teacher was very good and very funny. He related a number of stories about folks getting themselves into hot water. This person was an index fund manager at AIG back in the 90s, so he knows wealth  -- or at least a type of wealth we associated more and more with money. But it was the underlying story that caught my interest. That real wealth is not an immediate thing. You cannot build wealth working a 9-5 job that just pays the bare minimum of your expenses. In fact, according to this sorcerer, you cannot build wealth while working, period. I am sure everyone heard this as "Win the lottery and retire to the South Pacific"....

But I heard, "Real wealth is not measure in money..." Real wealth is measured in time off to do things of real value. Like spend time with your loved ones. Or do something that makes you feel good -- gardening, reading, whatever. Real wealth is not measured in coins or index funds. After all, those who have lots of money, spend all their time working with, fussing over and worry about their money. So how wealthy are they really?

I concur with the sorcerer's viewpoint. The Houngan and I have not been able to take a vacation in a number of years. This is mostly due to having moved three times in four years, adopting a new dog and managing an elderly one. We are comfortable in our middle age, but not without the usual money worries. Gas keeps rising, food is getting expensive and work seems even more elusive every day. When both partners freelance, it can be a hard row to hoe, as my dad would say. But I feel wealthy.

I am healthy -- and I am grateful for my health.

I have a loving husband of 30 years who supports my projects and reigns me in when I get going too far.

I have a thriving spiritual community to turn to in time of need for a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand.

And I have friends and family who gladly spend time, energy and effort with me when I ask.

Like I said, I feel wealthy. But we can all use a little jump start when it comes to cash. After all, I can't take a chicken to the bank to trade in on my mortgage payments. So here's a working we are doing tomorrow to gain a little favor in the aethyrs.

Sobo is said to be the wealthiest of the Lwa. Wealth meaning all of the above things I've mentions. Collect two gold candles, some Frankincense and Myrrh incense and a gold pen and paper, glass of clear water.  Write down on the paper what you want --this is the hardest part, as we don't ever really know what it is we want. Be as clear and precise as you can be. Inscribe Sobo's veve on the candles. It's here:
Light the incense -- Frankincense and Myrrh are the expensive gifts of the Magi.  An offering of this smoke is a lush way to make favor with the spirits.  Fold the paper toward you three times and place beneath the candles. Light the candles, and think to yourself what it is you want. Be clear. Ask Papa Legba to open the door for your request to go through to Sobo. Ask Sobo for his help in gaining your desire. Drop three little droplets of water on the floor, to make a water road for the Lwa to travel upon.  Smoke's upward movement, candlelight's outward glow and the downward motion of the water make a virtual crossroad, in the center of which you place your request (the paper).  Let the candles burn for one hour each day (do not leave them unattended), until they are stubs. Each time you relight, relight the incense and drop water.  By doing this, you create the crossroad each time.

When the candles are done (meaning they won't burn any longer), gather them and the paper and head to your personal bank.  Make a small deposit into one of your accounts -- either checking or saving. Toss the stubs and your request in the bank's trash receptacle as you fill out the paperwork for the deposit. Complete the work (toss stubs, paper request) and the deposit. Now, go home, knowing you've given Sobo  a small offering and he will do his part to bring about your request. You may repeat this as often as needed.

Let me know how you do.
Kenbe la,

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