Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My great escape to Philly

This past weekend, my goddaughter went to the Punk Rock flea market in Philadelphia. It sounded so interesting, I begged the Houngan to take me to it. Never one to deny me anything, he drove me down despite a raging back ache, and allowed me a couple hours of glorious bliss, wandering through the stalls and digging through heaps of things. Although it was fun, I did not find anything I could use for the Lwa. Lots of old clothing, tee shirts and posters. There was a few cool things - one woman was making night lights from old magic lantern slides. Got a great one of Egypt and another of the Half Moon sailing ship from the East Indian Trading Company. Collected lots of business cards, spent some time networking with a couple artists. Drooled over purses and belts, but kept my promise not to spend money we did not have. I was really just looking for eye candy, to help juice the creative machine. It was well worth the trip.

We are now two weeks into our first Online class, and it appears to be going well.  There's been some light discussion, but mostly I think folks are just reading and absorbing all the material. There's a lot to comprehend. I sent out two books, three cds of music and I post a weekly essay for them to read. Suffice it to say, there's much to think about.

On the art front, my muses are barking. Not just whispering - no, they are far more hoarse from all the yelling of late. I've been buried in course work, so the art has suffered. But I managed to find some very cool bottles at the thrift store yesterday. And thanks to a neighbor with a pretty serious drinking problem, I have four fancy whiskey bottles I picked up in my yard last week.  My cattle horns arrived, so I think my next project will be for Bosou. I'll keep ya all posted.

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