Friday, May 24, 2013

Writing, Writing, Writing

I have been tapped by Jeff  Anderson of the ABC-Clio press to contribute to the Voodoo Encyclopedia. I will be working on dictionary terms for Haitian Vodou and offering an interview for the resources section. I am very excited about this. It is a chance to get the correct word out on Vodou, as well as get some good press for the house. Ayibobo!

Also on the writing front, my essay for the compilation in It's a Mystery: Esotericism and Gnosis in African American Spirituality is also coming in for editing. That book should go to press this summer (I hope).

It seems just as I think I am gaining some space, the Lwa say, "Oh, you have down time? Let me fill that in for you!" That's ok, it's all good. I look forward to the work and the writing.

On my own front, the next book Sevis Lwa is nearly completed. I hope to polish it off on vacation in June so my editor can sink her teeth into it. Yeah, I know - what vacation? But I'd rather write by the beach, than in my studio in the rain any day!

Later my loves ~ the Lwa are calling and I must create while I have the time. I will post pictures this week. The work is taking another turn (as expected).

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