Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In Thanks to the Sum of all My Parts

The Donald sallied forth this morning all on his own. I felt like a mom letting her child go for the first time. He's fine, but tires easily, so I scolded him thoroughly just to be sure he'd return before he became too tired. I am Italian, so this is an appropriate gesture of love on my part.

Italian. Hmmm.  Actually, I am a Mediterranean mutt - I just did my DNA test via  I am hooked.  The DNA test was interesting. I am mostly southern Italian/Greek -- like 60%. Guess the Adriatic Sea is too small to discern the differences. That's okay - I've always had a fondness for the Greek gods.

There are mystery parts. 8% Caucasus. That's the area defined by Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkmenistan. No wonder I love Middle Eastern music, belly dancing and Kuchi jewelry, Pashtun pendants and Turkomen arts. It's in my blood! 9% Western European - Vienna, Prague, and France. Love all things Francophile; Vienna and Prague are on the bucket list, so it's not me. Or rather, it is.  11% Great Britain. Be there, done that, would like to go back someday.

And finally, 1% North African. Ahh, Tunisia, Tripoli and Rabat, I have tried to get there since I was ten years old.  And it follows me -- I've managed the American broadcast of the Cairo Daytime Emmys. I've produced TV specials on Morocco and designed commercials for Algerian Airlines. Coincidence? I am beginning to think not.

The lady above is my twice great grandmother. Family history says she came from North Africa when she was a child. My father's peeps were from Benevenuto in the South of Italy. La familia whispered that Nana Rosaire was a witch who could make animals talk, plants grow and call forth rain. Not sure if that is true or not, but she definitely affects the head dress of her North African ancestors. Between the gele and the earrings, I feel very much in the spirit of her when I dress for ritual here at home.

So my interests are not so far off from my ethnic mix. And I come by my peccadilloes quite honestly. Therefore, tomorrow I will give thanks for many things - for Don's continuing health. For my family who stands by me and my friends who up hold me. For the sosyete who walks with me, and for Chelsea who puts up with me meddling in her life - as a proper Italian godmother should do.

But then, I am Italian through and through. says so. Well, that, and the lasagna I am making for dinner tomorrow.  Avere un Thanksgiving benedetto!

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