Saturday, November 23, 2013

Talismanic Normalcy

I have writers block - and its serious. I have a contract I am supposed to be working on, and I can't find the time, the interest or the spirit to start. Its cold in the studio these days - winter is on its way to Philadelphia, so the studio gets chilly by noon and then its downhill from there. Not very conducive to sitting and writing.

I have turned to other pursuits. I am making talismans. My friend, Andrieh Vitimus is running a 30 day challenge on making talismans.  You are supposed to spend time doing the work, and then WRITE about it. I am kinda tagging alongside, doing the work. I am just not writing about it. I have writers block.

(Deep sigh). It so much effort to even do this little bit. But I am hopeful that this will lead to longer missives and help me find my muse. She has obvious left the premise and is probably having a beer with Mercury. It didn't help that He crashed my computer spectacularly last week. I probably should have treated Him better during the retrograde, but he was killing me softly with his bullsh*t. The consequence of my poor judgement was two hard drives down, one operating system f#$%ed, and all my nifty bits gone. A drift in cyber space. Now I know why Donald was always telling me to back-up the Mothership. It's a been a hard lesson. But well learned.

Because he loves me (and needs me to drive him around right now) The Donald rose to the occasion and got working on my disastrous machine collapse. After much cursing, talking to himself and giving me the hairy-eyeball (wait - that's Andrieh Vitimus's next challenge: Hairy EyeBall Curses!), Obi-Don Kenobi got it all back on track and working and now here I am, writing. Despite the writers block.

The Talismans are lovely - pewter pieces embedded with money, silver and glass eyed amulets for wealth;  Sterling Silver ones with roses, gold and ...ahem...personal effects for love; heavy brass ones for protection (best fed under full moons or they will bite...) and a wood one that is still in the making for general helpfulness. It's Indweller wanted this, so I obliged him with his own little "hobbit house" of a dwelling.  Tiny personal size shrines for the spirits that walk with you. They are available for sale on my Esty store (blantant self promo - click here for your own talisman!). Or you can commission one from me. Himself the Great Gatekeeper loves commission work. Puts His own shine to it, as it were.

I also have a series of shrines you can wear for power, wealth and love. They are int he design stage, but I hope to have them out in a week or so.

And of course, I will begin writing next week. We don't really do much for Thanksgiving. To me, it's a cooking holiday, so I am making lasagna in the mode of my mother (who also never cooked turkey for Thanksgiving) and giving the rest over to the goddaughter to manage. Meanwhile, back to the Table of de Arte and my Talismans. Andrieh would be so proud. But he won't know, since I am not writing about it.

I have Writers Block .

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Andrieh Vitimus said...

But you just wrote, sometimes you can bind the demon of perfectionism :) Loves