Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Magic: Rite of the Three Kings

New Year's Eve is this Tuesday night and it is a really big deal around these parts. Plenty of alcohol, partying and stupidity to go around for everyone here. In this part of Philadelphia, they shoot off guns beginning at 11:45pm and go till either 12:15am or until the police arrival. Whichever is easier, I suppose.

The idea of a January 1st is relatively new.  The early Roman calendar marked March 1st as the new year. It only had ten months, beginning with March. That the new year once began with the month of March is still reflected in some of the names of the months. September through December, our ninth through twelfth months, were originally positioned as the seventh through tenth months (septem is Latin for "seven," octo is "eight," novem is "nine," and decem is "ten." There's a great article here on the inclusion of January and Feb as calendar months.

In any event, here at the houmfort, we mark the new year is a subtle but nice way. We do the Rite of the Three Kings to bring in the new year.  So gather in close kiddies, and listen up. If you really narrow down what you need in life, it's pretty simple. We need Fire, Food and Money.

Fire can be thought of as both physical, meaning heat and illumination.  And metaphysical as in inspiration and enlightenment.

Food is just that - sustenance for the body, mind and soul. It's our daily "bread", our hourly prayer and our internal voice speaking to us about the world around us. Food for thought (pun intended.)

Money is the fuel that makes the first two items go round. Money can be thought of as Energy. In his lovely book, Financial Sorcery, Jason Miller calls money "Mammon" from the bible source of the same name. Miller says Mammon likes to move, likes to be in motion. Ever look at the Stock Market in action? Mammon is not just a mover and shaker, but a dancing fool.  The saying goes money can buy anything and its pretty much true. But for New Year's Eve night, it's one of the Three Kings coming in the front door.

In the Old English trad I carry, we always placed Fire, Food and Money on our Yule tree to symbolize all of the above.  I have a special ball ornament that is hollow. Into this ball, we place a coin, a candy and a candle to herald all three on the holy night. But on New Year's Eve, we do it in a bigger way.

A bit before midnight, have the major breadwinner go stand outside the front door or whatever passes for your front door.  The idea is the person who makes the big dollars is coming into the house on the stroke of midnight, bringing their "largesse" with them.  Stuff this person's pockets with all the cash and coins you can. I always go to the bank and take out a couple new big denomination bills just for this occasion. I put them back in on the next banking day.

This person should be carrying a large tray on which you have placed the following - Meat, Grains, Beans, Salt and Sugar, dried fruits and nuts. In the center, place a large white candle, lit.

Let this individual stand outside the front door, until the clock strikes Midnight. At that moment, fling open the door and yell "Happy New Year! Come In, Come In!" As this person enters, they should hand you the tray and then fling coins and money around, saying "Wealth! Health! Happiness! All in the New Year!"

The second part of this working I'll place in tomorrow's blog. Start assembling your fire, food and money. 

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Happy holiday, I hope 2014 will bring you much happiness.