Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rite of the Three Kings- Part Two

In yesterday's blog, I gave you the basic spell we do here at Sosyete du Marche to help fuel the New Year with Fire, Food and Money.

Today I want to give you a few refinements you can do, to make the work even brighter. I love the story of the Three Kings who follow a star to find the baby in Bethlehem.  Maybe its the Persian element  - having discovered I carry some of that myself, I am feeling very connected these days to my usual peccadilloes. Persia, India and the Western Caucasus leaves me ... mmm ... stimulated, let's say.
So before I reveal too much of my inner milieu, here's how to refine this working a bit for yourself. I said I go to the bank on the day before, and get big denomination bills. I usually get them in threes - three one hundred dollar bills, three fifty dollar bills or three of twenties, tens, fives and singles. If you don't have this much, then any amount will do, but try to get three different bills. I also get at least three gold dollars, three quarters, three nickels, three dimes, three pennies.

On the front of each bill, I write the following sigil:
That is a dollar sign, a yen, cent, cent, euro, dollar, dollar. Looks like the word "success", huh?
 Now, on the back of each bill I write this sigil:


This sigil is a combination of the year 2014 and the first letter of each of the Three Kings' names" Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior. In true hoodoo fashion, it is said to bring wealth into the home for the coming year.

I keep three gold dollars from this stash. I add it to my wealth altar, and if there's extra on the altar, then I take some of it and deposit those as well.  Like I said, Mammon needs to move around.  When I return the remainder of the money on January 2 to our bank account, these bills go into the system and circulate, helping Mammon get his giddy-up on. These bills will now move through the system, and give me success in all my ventures for the year. And, like the Three Kings of the Christmas story, they will come seeking me, to bring treasures to me all year.

Now, to add this to the working, when the individual with the tray and the money walks into the house, they should also have a piece of chalk in their pocket. As they hand the tray of offerings to you, they should reach up, and write the "2+B+0+C+1+M+4" on the lintel of your front door. Chalk is the traditional method - it's meant to fade out slowly over the year.  Goes along with the old axiom of not looking back at your work; putting your magic out into the universe and trusting the universe to handle it. I feel its a good trust exercise to do this kind of thing. Keeps one humble.

Both of these sigils are not Vodou, but there is plenty of belief in them to go around. What I like to call an Egregore of the New Year. I hope you perform the Rite of the Kings, so you can have a wonderful New Year. Nowr┼źz!

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