Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year Resolutions

Having returned from the lukewarm waters of Sanibel, I am full of rum and resolve. So here forth are my resolutions for 2014 - a Netzach Year by my reckoning (2+0+1+4=7). In honor of the seventh sephiroth, here's my list:

1.) Honor Dantor in all her glory. By my own reckoning, I place Dantor in the seventh sepiroth, the place of Venus and beauty. Dantor to me is a gorgeous woman, full of power and might. Who else could rule the Taurean bull of Venus, and still make a meal for her children. No wonder I've been armoring myself with silver bracelets and earrings - silver is Dantor's favorite color and metal. Dantor is singing in my head. And it's a Kanzo this year.  Dantor plays a big role in Kanzo in our house. Bilolo Mama!

2.) Clean the Temple - not just the physical one, though that has been done thoroughly by my little acolyte Chelsea. But also the Temple of the Body. I've been letting things go -- not eating right, not sleeping well. Straying off the path of wellness as it were. I resolve to do better by my body, so I may be around long enough to be a burden to my initiates -- and Chelsea.

3.) Write - till it hurts. No one remembers Shakespeare because he looked good, threw great parties or had a great sense of fashion. Hell, we can barely agree on whether he actually wrote the stuff attributed to him. I will write - a weekly blog post, finish the three books I have in the works, the contracts I am under and the third installment of the Four Circles Class. Busy bee, that'll be me.

4.) Sing a new song a week. Get ready gang - Mama's on a roll. Between the new recordings I'll be doing with our Master Tambor James D. Armstrong as well as the new missal that will be coming out the end of the year, songs, music and singing will be center stage for the sosyete.

5.) Revamp the Mambo's Mojo web site. Yeah, in there somewhere, I've been s-l-o-w-l-y working on the graphics and interface of the Mojo. Hope to have that puppy done before Kanzo this year.

6.) Finish the Vodou Tarot. I've also been pecking at this too. In between classes, writing and having a life, that is. Ms. Kirstin Brug will be photographing source material for me throughout the year. I hope to galley roughs by Christmas.

7.) Make a weekly offering of scent to my ancestors for their blessings and continued protection. Mama Shakmah always gave something to the ancestors at each meal. I used to wonder why, but now I get it. It's so much easier to place a spoonful of food and a hot cup of coffee on the altar each night than to try to do a big service. They want to be remembered, not once in a while, but always. So I will feed my peeps nightly.

And there you have it. Seven resolutions for a Netzachian year of Beauty, Love and Abundance. We made an offering at the shore to Agwe, that He bring us BLA for 2014 on his ceaseless waves.  Rolling it forward to us, not away. We stood for a long time, listening, and finally took the susurrus sound of his ocean waves as a "yes." Ayibobo. I hope it's a good one for us all.

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