Saturday, September 20, 2014

Days of Cyprian - Day Three and Four

I am behind here - sorry folks. Yesterday was Day Three of Cyprian - I met a new student and wrote fifteen emails at the behest of requests of clients for things - wow, never thought Cyprian would work THAT fast. So now if the money would just roll in, I'd be a happy mambo.

Ok, here's Day Three's prayer:

In the name of God, I invoke, pray and see with my devotion Saint Cyprian. Deliver me from all danger and the harm of those near me. Deliver me from evil, and from the rabid, venomous animal. Deliver from evil spells and malignant forces.  Lead me with complete safety and happiness in my travels, Clear the way for me, and remove all dangers and damage that may surround me. I beg my Holy Saint for his glorious intercession to God in Christ Jesus Amen.

Day Four: TODAY's prayer is this one:

O Highest God of all creation, to whom the archangels humbly respect and the Seraphim and saints render their servitude, I adore you as the center of all perfection, the author of all good and the inexhaustible font of all holiness.  I give you thanks, Lord, for the many and marked gifts of nature and grace with which you have enriched this world to you most faithful servants Saint Cyprian. We give you thanks, our protector, for the favorable signs that we have received from heaven for your powerful intercession.  I offer you, my advocate, the worship and honor that today is paid to you in all the Universe. My loving protector in Christ Jesus, help me obtain the grace that I seek from you:...if it suit my soul, so that I may enjoy your blessed company in heaven, amen.

I plan on setting a small table for Cyprian tonight with gold candles. We finally got our altar room/library put back together following Kanzo, so I have space again. This is the challenge of running a large Vodou society, with lots of godchildren who crash here. By the time I get the rooms re-set and the laundry finished, they're back in the house again. I have to make it work while I can.

I've also been looking for a statue of Cyprian that won't break the bank. So far, it looks like I'll be out $50 for a small resin one. I will get to it - right after I finishing paying for the dog's surgery bills. Meanwhile, I am gonna to work with the chromolith I have. I might even make Cyprian a boutey sculpture.

After I finish the article. Before next Fet. And right after I get all the ironing done for the temple. But at the moment, we are heading out to help a member who has been house bound for a while. Some things are more fun than others - I think dinner at the diner sounds divine, don't you?

A mambo's work is never done. Ayibobo!

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