Friday, April 19, 2013

The 30 Day Challenege - Prep Day One

Spirits are as cantankerous as us, did you know that?

I spent a lot of time in prayer yesterday. My French prayers are getting a serious work out. I sat before the Baron's altar. Yes, I already have a Baron altar. It is a rather imposing black cross with lots of purple and beads. Kind of like a funeral director's dressing area but for a funeral drag show. I sat quietly, thinking about Boston. And the two suspects. I thought about how someone as young as 19 can become so disillusioned they resort to this kind of tactic. How extreme. My mind went to a very morbid place – I've walked that area in Boston. That could have been me. Or Don. Don is traveling a lot these days. He goes in and out of Toronto Airport twice a week. The lump in my throat starting getting bigger. Some how this challenge seemed very small compared to the events the world was experiencing.

The Baron sat staring back at me. I don't need a huge evocation to bring up His energy. He's always there. Like I said, I walk with him. In every Afro-Caribbean practice, the diviner usually freaks out, because Death shows up in the odu or the shells or the cards. Every time. I try to reassure the person that I know this, that I was born in November, I am a Scorpio whose sign is the Death card; that I share my birthday with Fet Ghede, the Day of the Ancestors in Haiti. That I know Death walks with me, I've seen Him since I was a little girl. Never works. They freak anyway – wash the shells, tell me to do all sorts of weird ebos. I just sigh and move on.

I stared back the Baron. You're pretty busy right now, huh? He nodded slowly. Then he turned and glanced at the Petro altar. I followed his gaze. My eyes landed on my bottle for Bossou. Ah, the bull. The other one that has been dogging me all my life. At 16 I went to Paris, City of Lights, land of romance, perfume, art. I went shopping. What did I bring home? A bull. A small, stuff bull I bought at the Gallerie Lafayette, the most upscale store on the Grand Rue. It is silk ( it was Paris – no crappy stuff there). But of all the things I could have bought, I bought a small, stuffed silk bull. Because He wanted to come home with me. He said so very clearly.

I looked back at the Baron. Bossou? The Baron nodded and then looked at his watch. I realized I was keeping him. I thanked him, and he faded off to some other pressing task. I turned back to the Petro altar. Picked up a fresh candle and lit it in front of the Bossou bottle that once was Marilyn Houlberg's. "I need something" I said quietly. I need to do this, so we can connect fully. I know you are there, but in a peripheral kind of way. He simply looked back at me. I swear, his tail was twitching. I will work with you and you alone (oh for pete's sake Legba, of course you are involved…) For the next thirty days. I will make art. I will try to make an art object a day for you and the Baron. A thirty day invocation of clay and stone, glass and paint. And when I am finished, I will mount it somewhere, so you can feel special.

Legba is giggling. I can do this, I say. Legba nods vigorously, and then prances away – another door to open/close, another pretense to diminish. "Hey" I call after him, "You'll help right?" He turns now, serious. "Always" he replies as he departs. Ok, then, well -- I have to go procure some things. Baron and Bossou, you will know me because you will see me rise. Ayibobo.

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