Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Ghede Shrine - Part 2

I was stalled on my shrine until this morning. As I said my prayers for the Boston event, I was hit by a huge idea. I ran from the temple to the studio and began painting. Not quite like a drunk monkey, but more like a caffeinated fiend.  I cracked open the Aves, mixed my myself a fat handful and sat down.  Four hours later, here's the interior:

There's cemetary-ish cornice, in front of which stands an angel of death. Bowed head, hands in prayer. Big fat wings (naturally). And behind her, Ghede pierces the back wall, his hands wrapped in snake-like elements, his one eye peering into this world.

I still need to paint the cobble stones. They are just glass stones from a floral supply house, but I will moss them up, and make them ancient.

Ghede will get his usual treatment of white and black, with hints of purple. And my client will have the first shrine of my new aesthetic. I've been doing bottles but now I think I will attack a larger format.

I just ordered some things on line and and I am hoping they will arrive soon. I found a bevy of new containers to morph into spirit vessels. My online shopping is to enhance their appearance.  I am giddy again with creativity. It took a few weeks for this one to work out, but I got it finally. The changes in the cornice were many. There are many permutations of color on it, but that's all warranted - its supposed to look old and mangy. And the angel was a late addition to the piece, But she came at the right moment as well.

A few more shots of the exterior for your visual enjoyment.I added an All Seeing Eye ball to the drawer and door centerpiece. That was when I heard Ghede say, " I can't see!!" and realized I needed to add the interior piece as well. It all works though. My brain is exploding. Forgive me while I go sketch some ideas down and catch the dog. Bodhi has stolen a skull off my worktable and is chasing Uriel with it. This is my life - Angels and Saints, colliding with Demons. Ayibobo.

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