Monday, September 23, 2013

Day Four - Novena to St. Cyprian

I have been doing my novena in the evenings, after tucking all the boys and one girl into their beds. It's set in our personal altar room - apart from the Vodou altars and in a special space that is consecrated to the Great Work. I am taking my time with this space. I still need to paint the walls, but that is a fall project after next week's events complete themselves. I love painting - ti's very meditative, so I am going to use the recuperative time to heal the boy and myself, metaphysically speaking.

But I did find a gorgeous round table that can be made taller - so it's a nice 40 inches high, with a shelf beneath for my things. I ironed out a deep violet satin cloth and set it with my best gold embroidered runner from India. Bought it years ago and finally have a use for it. I placed our three humogous golden globes in the triangle of the Arte and set them with blue candles. And I am lighting a new seven day candle each night for the Novena. I've placed nine gold coins as offerings on the surface and that's it. There is an incense burner off tothe side, but I am keeping the surface pristine.

The first three nights, nothing really happened. I evoked St. Cyprian, did the novena (three Our Fathers, two Hail Marys and one Apostles Creed), stood for a few minutes in meditative silence and then departed.

My St. Cyprian Offering table, prior to service.
Note the glow over the table
Last night was...uh...interesting. Lit the new candle like Mambo Shakmah taught us: Light it, say Legba open the door, and pinch out the flame. Light it again, repeat the Legba statement and again, pinch out the flame. Light it a third time, invoke Legba, and pinch out the flame. Now light with the intent of the novena - which in my case, is communion with St. Cyprian.

I set the new candle in place, evoked my prayer to Cyprian and then was doing my trois Pater Noster, when the room shifted dramatically. I thought I had a window open, but when I looked, the drapes were firmly shut. Back to my novena, I was on the second Salue Marie and the room shifted again. When I opened my eyes to look, a vague form was hovering in the triangle. I kept to my prayers, and went to the Credo, which I intended to do in Latin, but the French just took over (thank heavens for muscle memory or I'd been done in by the shift of power) and kept my eyes on the triangle. The form lifted over the table and then, slowly dissapated. Ayibobo.

As always, when I experience Divine presences, I was crying by the end. I sniffed my thanks, and backed out slowly. The candles continued to waver most of the night, lending a soft movement of light and shadow to the hallway. The dogs seemed content, and so I slipped into bed with all the family (husband, two standard poodles and a shih tzu on my head) and drifted off.

This morning, I woke to find both Uriel and Bodhisattva laying like two sphinx at the door, staring into the room across the hallway. Even an offer to go out did not dislodge them from their post. I got dressed, and when I rattled their leashes, they finally got up, but not without another look over their shoulders. Our house is haunted, so possibly it was the local spirits teasing, but it was an interesting coincidence.

I'll see how things go again tonight. I am sure St. Cyprian is getting lots of juice from all the sorcerers invoke Him. It will be interesting to see where this goes from here. Keep y'all posted.

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