Monday, September 23, 2013

Four Circles Fall Semester is registering Now!

Our Four Circles is now taking registration for the first class - Z'anset-Yo. This is the introductory class on the history of vodou, it's role in Haiti, it's theology and a short overview of the main Lwa. Your registration get syou 3 hours of proprietary video, 15 essays, three books, three CDs and membership in the Sosyete du Marche Yahoo group, where I and other members of thehouse engage in conversation, teachings and general discussions on anything and everything Vodou.

Class and materials is $150.00 payable through our website here: Four Circles. We just graduated the Spring semester, and as this one rolls out, I am working on the Winter Semester of Class Two - Serving the Lwa. More video, more essays and more interaction. So please do join us as we engage for another round of lively discussions, interesting questions and magical forays into the realm of the Ancestors.

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