Friday, September 27, 2013

St. Cyprian Novena - Et Prudentia Perfecit

I did my final set of prayers to St. Cyprian last night. The dogs lay like two Anubus statues on either side of me as I intoned my nine Our Father in French. (I am nailing those btw). The atmosphere again shifted, the light dimming and brightening. The dogs did not move nor make a sound. The hair down their backs stood up - quite a feat for a poodle, but they remained silent and alert.

Today feels different. I am focused, calm, centered. I am grateful.  The coming week will be a stress maker for certain. But I feel in control for a change. I suppose too much information can be bad, but this time, I am glad of it. I am preparing for battle - and I will be victorious.

I chose this image to the left, because its one of the few that portrays Cyprian as a young, black African man. I am tired of the Catholic Church white washing saints. Cyprian was from North Africa. He was an African man, dark of skin and black of hair. I love the face and the poise of this image.  Those dark beautiful eyes are powerful, engaging, capable of calling up the Devil and directing him. This is a Cyprian of power, focus and control. Too many images portray Cyprian as a tired old white haired man. Where's the power there?  This image I dig. I choose to make this the image of Cyprian that I can relate to. Ayibobo.

And this afternoon, I will make my offerings of figs and fig wine to Cyprian. As a Mediterranean man, I am sure he will delight in the choice. I will place his offering on the altar of our temple, and keep it lit for all of next week. I received a revelation, but it is for me. I do have something for you though. And that is -- do the Work people.

I want to encourage folks to do novenas to their favorite spirits. It doesn't need to be a Catholic saint. It can be a Lwa, an Egyptian god or a Goetic daemon. The novena is meant to be a method of contacting the energy you want to engage. And it works. Why? Because there is an egregore of doing this work that pulses when you tap into it. Many people participate in Novenas up to this moment. So why not use that energy as a method of contacting the stream you wish to learn from or about.

A friend is currently do a 30 day challenge but it's a novena none the less. And he's getting amazing results. Another acquaintance has done the work and changed his life in the doing. Lost weight, found happiness, gotten religion (sort to say) and joined a fraternal lodge. It's all the result of Doing The Work.

You don't need to dress it up fancy. You may even find it a refreshing change to have a simple means of talking to spirit. You can always make more so if you feel the need. But in this world today, with the hustle and bustle of life, a prayer novena is a tried and true method for making it work.

See y'all round the houmfort.

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