Monday, February 4, 2013

Gede in NOLA

Anyone else get all the cultural references last night on the Super Bowl broadcast? Seems like Gede has become the ubiquitous spirit of the world now that he's won the Superbowl.

The evening was set with Stevie Wonder playing a Voodoo priest to Zoe Saldana's slinky self. They reminded me of Danbala and Aida Wedo - Stevie in his white suit and top hat, Zoe in whatever she was wearing. They made quite the pair. They had a Neil Gamin-esque turn to them. Or even a Hellblazer/Papa Danbala like turn. Call it what you will, someone did their homework.

The first showing was a guy going to see Wonder's persona. He makes an offering of a beer to the bartender. Only after accepting the beer, does the bartender open the way for the guy to see Wonder. Nice turn.

The second showing was two men taking a chair to Wonder for luck. Again, the required offering of a case of beer to the Gatekeeper allows the two entry to Wonder's presence. Nice turn again.

But what I really dug was the Ravens team, in their Gede get-up. Black leggings, white shirt with purple and black touches. Very Gede indeed.

And given  hat they were playing in New Orleans was even more surreal. New Orleans (by virtue of its charter as a 'birthdate') is a city ruled by Pluto, the planet of change, decay and renewal. So here we have a team of Gede dressed guys, playing in a city that is basically an underworld, for a trophy of entropy (someone always has to lose, right?) and renewal (and some one has to win). Very Plutonian indeed.

Now if only Wonder had presented the trophy, we'd have had a complete cycle. Can't have everything.

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