Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Vodou Lenten Mediation - Day One of Forty.

I've decided to blog about Lent. Not because I am Catholic (I was raised Catholic, then took a left at Joe Campbell and went off to seek myself.) No, I am going to blog about doing 40 days of Vodou penance.

Not mushwa penance. Folks have been very good about not taking mushwa of late. I am going to do forty days of meditation, prayers and offerings to the Lwa. And share my experience with you all. I should be able to do what I tell others to do. It's only fair I do it as well. And as an Asogwe my penance ought to be, more public, shall we say? No flogging or hair shirts, but at least coffee, rum and a song each day.

I began today by lighting candles for the krewe de Vodou down in the temple. The place is a mess -- we still haven't taken down Legba's table as yet. And I have drums to re-finish. Hmm...ok, I have lots of penance to do. Plus, the water heater died last night. No hot water. Made me think of a story about Mother Theresa's sisters asking to have their water heater removed, as they wanted to live like the poor they were serving. I am not that holy. I need hot water - especially since I have this little 5 month old pup who still pees in the house.

Ok, so the water heater crew has left and I can go do my Vodou penance. I kept it simple. I lit a candle to the drums and set out a cup of coffee for the them. Legba in his guise as St. Anthony is still mounted in the centered. I like that place, actually. I sang for Legba and then for Hountor.  Felt calm and sweet.

Day One - done. Not so hard. See y'all tomorrow for Day Two.

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