Monday, February 25, 2013

My Vodou Lenten Meditation - Day 12 of Forty

I am enjoying my time with the Lwa. I've been saying my three Our Fathers and Three Hail Mary's - they seem to flow easier off my tongue now. As I lit candles for the Lwa this morning, I looked at the drums. Think I will begin sanding them on Saturday.

I always feel super-charged when I first get something for the Vodou house. Then my life interrupts and I get way-laid by things both large and small. This weekend, I was going to work on the drums. But the dogs were particularly persnickety, especially the little guy wanting out every hour or so. I'll be so happy when his teeth are finally done cutting in. Between the biting, the chewing and the intestinal issues, its a wonder anyone gets a puppy at all. But -- in between his bad behaviors, I can see the dog he will become and so its worth the muddy pants, marked up hands and chewed paper (lots and lots of paper -- he discovered the toilet tissue roll Saturday. Eesh.)

I have been studying the styles and colors of various drums I find on the Internet. Some are multicolored. Others solo color with writing. Papa Frisner had a gorgeous set he had made in Haiti -- red and blue (like the Haitian flag), with the drum veve painted across the center. Actually, I think his dad made them for him.  I remember that the young man from Troupe Makandal, Morgan Z played them on top of Frisner grave -- It was this trip that Frisner crossed into Ginen. I admire that young man for playing the drums for his Papa. And I believe that is the beauty of Vodou. It give sus the power to move on through our pain and our anguish, to see the other side of the waters. Ayibobo Morgan. Mesi anpil -- you did your Hountor proud.

I want to paint ours red for Legba, and then put the roses on the front. James wants me to put our logo as well. I am inclined to do so, but when we get the final third drum for the repertoire. We are missing our boula, the small drum that keeps the beat in a vodou performance. I have been looking for one, but money is an issue at the moment (at all moments lately, it seems). But I am sure when the time comes, it will be here and I will have the funds to purchase it. Meanwhile, I have sanding to do. When I get the final product done, I'll be sure to post pictures.

M di twa Pater, twa Ave Maria. Have a good ay y'all.

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