Monday, March 4, 2013

My Vodou Lenten Meditation - Day 20 of Forty

I have been musing over a recent conversation. The individual in question said there is only one ticket to heaven and no one can come along for the journey. I believe they were speaking about themselves. And that any spirit who tries to come along is a hindrance, a 'poison' I believe is the word they used. This gave me pause - why would "poison" be the word for describing a beautiful Intelligence that has been in company with you from your inception as a enlighten soul?

I found myself deeply moved by this conversation - but I have been moving in a certain direction for some time now. I recently came through my second Saturn Return. Read Elizabeth Spring's excellent essay on the second Saturn Return here. Mine has been a firming up of my resolutions and thoughts on the sosyete, my role as a Mambo Asogwe and my part to play in the resurrection of Haiti. I am intrinsically tied to the island, so I must play the part that I was destined for.

My brother Joel recently wrote a post about the role Haiti has for Vodouisants. His thoughts were that being in the history of Haiti or at the very least, understanding Haiti's history can give you a real grounding in why Vodou is the religion of the island. It was a religion that helped the Ancestors survive. It gave the servitors hope, healing and health, when they were mired in despair.

But it is not the religion of slaves, as some people think. If you think that way, then you don't know Haitian history. Because it was Vodou that freed the Haitian people from their oppressors. This is a religion of freedom, power and self-knowledge. This religion speaks to the intrinsic value each human being carries within themselves. This faith speaks to the glories of God; the ability of mankind to touch upon that glory; and the promise of balance, health and healing that we are all deserving of. If we can only agree on one point, let us agree that this is the faith that birthed a nation of free people.

Today, I do not feel badly about the loss. People come and people go. It's the magical egregore of the group mind shedding what is no longer necessary. Dolores (my teacher) once had a fabulous visual she used to explain Egregores. She said that there is only so much room for the spirits to reside in your head. So they routinely clear out the old, the outdated and outmoded, to make room for new, fresh things. That includes ideas, practices and people.

And clearly, as one leaves, four more are coming in. Perhaps, this Legba's way of making room for new folks. So be it. It is His house after all. I am merely the Housekeeper. Today is day 20 of my 40 days of Lent. And so here is my gift - clarity on the role I play in this house and in my life. Ayibobo. Right now, the Housekeeper has chores to get ready for the weekend.

Mi di twa Pater, twa Ave Maria....

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