Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Vodou Lenten Meditation - Day 26 of Forty

I am very excited - we are going to be attending the KOSANBA conference in October. It is a chance to be all Vodou all weekend. Rub elbows with folks I have written back and forth with, but have never met. And to reconnect with some very dear family members in the Boston area.

Kosanba ( is headed up by two of my favorite Haitian scholars - Patrick Bellegarde-Smith and Claudine Michel. LeGrace Benson is also a member of the board. I am hoping she will have her book on Haitian art finished by then. Mambo Nicole from the Temple of Yehwe (Papa Max Beauvoir's sosyete) will also be attending. These are the current and living elders of my religious tradition. I will be very honored to meet them and spend some time in their ashe.

As I said my prayers today, I felt the energy around me rise and bring gooseflesh to my arms. It feels like something big is coming. I hope to play whatever small part in, that the spirits designate for me. Ayibobo!

We served Loko and Ayizan last weekend. Although Danbala is the heavy hitter for March, (syncretized with St. Patrick's Day on the 17th), it is also Loko's feast day this month (coinciding with St. Joseph's day on March 19th). But as that date falls during Holy Week, we celebrated it earlier in the month. The herbs are doing well, and the Lemon tree still smells delightful. Hopefully, I can get it out onto the porch by the end of the month.

No earth shattering revelations today - just a reminder of how wonderful life can be when you are following your bliss.

Think I'll take this moment of quiet to pour some rum and give thanks for all that I have.

Mi di twa Pater, twa Ave Maria....

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